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B.A.T Inc. has created the Biken Souzou Laboratory to provide a dedicated research environment.
Based in Japan, we aim to usher in a new era of beauty care by pursuing the beauty and health of women the world over.
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The five major beauty components are not the only active ingredients of this ultimate serum. It also contains brightening ingredients that adjust the texture of the skin and add moisturize. Likewise, it has two major components which work on the muscles that bring facial expressions to life.


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Five Major
Beauty Components


Deeply penetrates the skin, creating a plump texture that makes it seem like the surface has been pushed up from the inside.

and Elasticity

Creates a flexible protective membrane on the skin surface, adding a sense of elasticity and flexibility.

and Elasticity
Vitamin A

Promotes the synthesis of collagen and protein. Good for adding moisture to the stratum corneum and improving wrinkles and spots.

Blood Circulation PromotionNatural
Vitamin E

Being highly antioxidant, it works on cutaneous blood vessels and promotes blood circulation when applied directly to the skin.

Vitamin C

An active whitening ingredient obtained from Vitamin C and glucose. Produces an effect when it is absorbed by the skin.

Brightening Agents


Strengthens the cell membrane and aligns the texture, allowing the skin to reflect light.

and Circulation
Blue Plant Extract

Promotes the circulation of water in the skin, making the skin transparent.

Two Major Ingredients
That Work on the Facial
Muscles for Expression

Dry Skin Wrinkles/Age Wrinkles
Facial Expression Wrinkles
Inyline and Leuphasyl

Work on muscle contraction, which causes wrinkles, to prevent the increase of receptors while also producing a botox effect that controls the release of messenger substances. Applying the blocking effect based on this new idea, they help to prevent wrinkles caused by muscle contraction.

BENEFITSWhitening + Anti-Aging

A.M.A gel cosmetics form a protective membrane over the skin with its moisturizing ingredients. This enables the skin to maintain moisture with lightness that makes you feel as if the skin were breathing deeply.
The skin grows full of transparency from the inside thanks to its self-moisturizing capability. Anti-aging ingredients, which plump up the skin, and whitening ingredients are blended with several kinds of moisturizing ingredients. This is a fresh approach to skincare that harnesses our own natural healing ability. Now you can train your skin on your own every time you use it.
The result? White, wrinkleless skin that benefits from new thinking on the aqua catch formula, developed with a focus on its ability to penetrate, and on the neuro cosmetics, which works on the facial muscles of expression.


“I specifically use this product before I go to bed everyday and/or after I take a bath. My skin type is very oily but this product is magic because from what I've experience it blocks the oil away.I also notice that my big pores started to get smaller and my face is starting to lighten.”

“I love how it feels on my skin after application, which is very light. It's as if you didn't put anything on your face at all, unlike creams which seems to get very heavy on my face. My face feels soft and supple, which is great, because I have been very sad with how my face looked before I got the A.M.A essence.”

“When I first applied it, it feels like there's a super thin layer on my face but gradually dissipate and then I feel like applying nothing, so I can feel that my skin feels moisturized. So far I feel that my skin getting smoother especially on my forehead which is the roughest part on my face.”


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